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Many digital types of work go hand in hand.  Web designers create websites for clients and clients need marketing and promotion for their sites and business offerings.  Marketers and web designers alike, can have the task of creating copy for their clients sites.  Websites need graphics and with graphics comes work in programs such as Photoshop, where images and illustrations are manipulated to suit the clients brand and website niche.  Many of our clients have also created electronic books for giveaways,  and those clients are in need of beautiful book covers. We have a collection of digital works centered on this site, offering  clients a quick and easy way to access the services they need when beginning a website project for a new or existing business.  Utilizing our services results in a more cohesive overall outcome for your project, providing peace of mind as we streamline each requirement with goals for your business and website.

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How I Got Here . . .

I have always been interested in many different types of artwork.  Different media is fascinating to me from watercolors, to physical items for jewelry or sculpture to now . . . the digital medium.

Going to interior design school, I was pretty excited, looking forward to that career.  I thought of it when I had my housekeeping business, cleaning big fancy houses.  I got inspired looking at those gorgeous homes and thought, “Hmmm . . I bet I could design rooms!”  Good thing too because the chemicals finally got to me and I got sick from being exposed to the cleaners and dust too.

I actually got a great deal of training in interior design, however I had to abandon that career or at least put it on hold, because of the financial crash.  Over half of the established professionals left the field, literally overnight, due to the fact that there was none of this work happening anymore.  Working class people barely had enough money for mortgages, food and other necessities.  Even those financially better off, were facing or going to face a struggle they never anticipated.

I was creating  websites for that interior design business along with home staging on the side.  Luckily, that self taught knowledge is what allowed me to continue to earn some money.  Now, that groundwork had offered me even more in the way of branching out and creating even more businesses and therefore, work.

In addition to creating websites  for clients, I now offer the additional services of digital marketing coaching and search engine optimization for my clients’ websites as well.  The popular strategy of “attraction marketing” is becoming the standard formula for success so this is always on the agenda of training and tutorials when working with web design clients.  We want to be trusted and this is the primary goal of any business, but especially businesses who thrive from online sales.

Now that the economy is growing so is the interior design field.  This affords me the opportunity to rediscover the satisfaction of helping clients to beautify their homes.

After learning web design, this opened up not only the opportunity to create websites for clients, but as I became even more proficient, I was exposed to the wonderful world of online stores.  Since I always loved making jewelry, I explored hand-crafted jewelry and expanded my knowledge to sculpture.   Using paper for many of my creations, I also help to upcycle materials which would otherwise end up in landfills.

Browse my pages for a variety of portfolios for all my artwork, which link to their respective sites for more in depth details and contact information.

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